Rules & FAQs


  • Quiet hours are between 10:00 pm and 8:00 am.
  • Pets must be leashed at all times. Please pick up pet waste.  Bags are available at the store. PETS Are NOT Allowed on the playground, in the pool area, under pavilion on the beach, or in the BATH HOUSES. If your dog is an excessive barker, please make accommodations so your dog does not bother other guests.   Do not leave pets unattended. No more than 2 pets/site.  No vicious or aggressive dogs. If a dog shows any sign of aggression it must be removed immediately from the campground.
  • 5 mph speed limit for all vehicles, including golf carts.
  • No motor bikes, 4 wheelers or other motorized recreational bike, ATV etc are allowed within the park. Unless specially noted for an event.
  • Clothes washing is allowed only in the laundry room.
  • Dishwashing is not permitted in bathrooms.
  • No washing or rinsing of vehicles, ATVs, motorcycles or boats.
  • This is a family campground, if the words coming out of your mouth aren’t suitable for my mama’s ears, don’t say them.
  • Campfires in provided fire rings only. And please DO NOT move them.  Sometimes people place glass  in them and we don’t want anyone getting injured.
  • Campfires are not to be left unattended. Fire must be extinguished before retiring for the night or on departing the campsite.
  • Do not cut down any trees or remove branches. You are welcome to scrounge the woods.
  • Water activities in pond, stream and pool are AT YOUR OWN RISK. Children 12 years and under must be accompanied by an adult.       Please note rules posted at pool.
  • Children who are not toilet trained must wear swim diapers in the pool or pond.
  • Maximum of one(1) motorized vehicles per site is permitted. All other motorized vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas at the site or other established locations. Window parking tags must be displayed at all times.
  • Campers, equipment and vehicles must be contained on assigned camping space, please do not “overflow” onto adjoining sites. Respect others sites by not walking through them.
  • Only registered campers and their guests may use the camping facilities.
  • All guests must register at office and pay the day visitor rate
  • You are responsible for seeing your guests are registered.  If they arrive at your site without a tag, they have not checked in and your card on file will be charged according to the number of guests as well as a 20% processing fee.
  • Bicycles without lights must be walked after dark. Helmets are required for children 12 and under.
  • Before leaving, please pick up all litter from your campsite and be sure you haven’t left any personal property.
  • The campground will not be responsible for personal items left in the bathhouse, pool, beach or at camp site.
  • Please accompany and supervise young children using the bathhouse facilities.
  • The consumption of alcohol shall be done in a responsible manner. Drunkenness, use of illegal drugs, & disorderly conduct will not be tolerated.  Per state law alcohol may be consumed at your campsite.  Alcohol must be in a cup or covered container.
  • Fireworks are not permitted in the campground.
  • Handguns are not permitted in the campground.
  • No smoking under the pavilion, at the pool, on the beach, at the playground, or in bath houses.


  • For single tent sites a maximum of 3 adults are allowed for an extra fee before a second site is needed.
  • Personal golf carts are allowed with proof of insurance and agreement to comply with campground golf cart policies. Golf carts are to remain on surfaced roads only! Stay off the grass please.
  • No refunds due to weather, early check out or other circumstances.
  • Check in is 2 pm for camp sites and cabins.  Check out is noon.
  • Reservations can be made with MasterCard, Visa or Discover.  You will be charged one night’s stay for deposit at the time of reservation.
  • Cancellation requires 14 days notice prior to arrival.  If cancellation is not within required time limit you will forfeit your deposit.  No refunds on Holiday Weekend reservations.
  • All cancellations incur a $20.00 fee
  • Cabins require a minimum 2 night consecutive stay.
  • 3 night minimum for campsites and cabins on Holiday Weekends.