On the Creek-Sittin’ & Stompin’

Get out and get wet!  Visiting the creek can be an adventure on so many levels!  I love some creek sittin’.  There is no better way to wile away the hot summer days than parking a beach chair in the creek.  While you sit with your tush and toes in the cool, clear water the wee lasses can stomp around the shallows seeking crawfish and minnows.  Island hop in the creek depending on the water level.  Kids fussing, no worries, send them to separate islands to cool off!

Visit the right hole and you can all jump and see if you can touch the bottom (I have not) or slide down a water slide created by God.  Find yourself in a fern gully or at a pool created when a glacial rock wedged across the creek.  There are many paths to follow, all you have to do is pick one!