AT Hikers

1 store shelf

Resupply at the Camp Store – items include protein bars, ramen, pouch meats, cheese, tortillas,instant food, spices, oatmeal, tuna, canned fuel, etc

In the Camp Store is a snack bar that serves fresh homemade biscuits for breakfast, bacon double cheeseburgers, french fries, pancakes, nachos, ice cream, shakes, and other yummies.  We can pack you a lunch to go too!


Laundry facilities

Cabins or tents, ask about special thru hiker rates

Free shuttle from Jennings Creek, call from trailhead 540.254.2550

Day Pass includes shower and pool $5.00

Chill out and zero in the game room, couches, wi-fi, outlets, AC

Even if nobody answers the office phone someone is usually on the premises who can assist you.

We do accept mail drops. Please send to 1164 Middle Creek Rd. Buchanan VA 24066

We can accommodate special requests from town with proper notice.

In the fall our hours are limited!  We will accept your mail drop but please try to give us prior notice and we will leave it outside.  Don’t complain about the hours.  We are people too, and by fall we are tired.  We will try to assist you in any way we can.